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MTM Hydro orifices are meant to allow foam cannons to be used on a variety of machines with varying PSI and GPM. These orifices (a.k.a nozzles) will more accurately accommodate a machine requiring a larger or smaller orifice which is estimated in the ranges of flow exceeding 4 gallons per minute or below 2 gallons per minute. The purpose is not to increase or decrease pressure but rather to match as closely as possible, to the recommended Orifice size for your machine. All MTM Hydro foam cannon models come with a 1.25mm (3.5 sized orifice) installed.

When attempting to determine the correct orifice size use the nozzle chart in the link below. You can also look at the side of the nozzles provided with your pressure washer for a number sequence. On MTM QC nozzles, for example, you will see 25030 which translates to "25° spray pattern with a 3.0 orifice." If you were to see this sequence, you would select the 1.1mm nozzle (3.0 orifice) for your foam cannon as it is a closer match to the required specs of your pressure washer.



Troubleshooting your foam cannon orifice:

1. If you are getting pulsation or your machine is cutting out, your orifice is too small and you have created too much back-pressure so your pump thinks the gun is 'closed' and turns off your machine. This is very bad for your pump.

2. If your foam is watery, you may need a smaller orifice and possibly more chemical.

3. If you pull the trigger and nothing happens you will want to check the orifice opening (shown in the secondary image) for debris that has clogged the very small opening.

4. To remove, simply use a standard, flat head screw driver and unscrew the nozzle. Clear the orifice of any debris and keep it just in case your buddy wants to try out your foam cannon but has a larger pressure washer:)

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