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Extreme tire coat 13.25oz

Extreme tire coat 13.25oz

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Extreme Spray Tire Shine Aerosol has been specially formulated to create a superior shine to tires, adding a sparkling final touch to your car in just minutes. This product keeps your car looking attractive and protected from top to bottom under all kinds of harsh conditions. 
This Tire shine is designed to lubricate the rubber, which enhances the cars appearance. Also, protects and stays on the tire under all kinds of harsh conditions. Formulated with UV inhibitors to help prevent damage from the sun's rays, helps prevent drying and cracking. Extreme Tire shine is quick and is not messy to use in your tires

Fast drying, high gloss, long lasting, solvent based Tire Shine
Easy to apply and will help make your car look its best
Guaranteed to outlast retail store tire shining products
Concentrated Tire Dressing that will repel water and add extra protection to your tires
Produces amazing results in just minutes, even under all kinds of harsh conditions
Keeps Tires Looking New
Wont Turn Tires Brown


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