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5.5 inch Lake Country HDO Fiber Heavy Cutting Pad

5.5 inch Lake Country HDO Fiber Heavy Cutting Pad

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NEW Lake Country Microfiber Pads!!

The NEW Lake Country 5 1/2" Microfiber Cutting Pad is constructed with blue foam and a unique microfiber material that is extremely durable and does not matt down as fast while polishing.  This results in reduced pad temperatures, increased cut, and better finish, and provide maximum rotation on contoured surfaces!  Finally a hole was punched in the center of each pad to further increase its capabilities even further!

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  • Less matting down
  • Moderate to Heavy defect removal
  • Good finishing
  • Durability
  • Increased rotation on contoured surfaces
Primary Target:
  • Heavy Polishing


  • Polishing face material: Microfiber
  • Interlayer: Foam
  • Polishing Face Diameter: 5 3/8"
  • Thickness: 7/16"
  • Hook & Loop Diameter: 5 1/8"
  • Microfiber Color: White
  • Foam Color: Blue
  • Velcro Color: Black  
  • Made in the USA
Polishing Directions:
  • Fasten pad to machine taking care to securely center it on your backing plate
  • Follow polish dependent tips regarding speed, pressure, amount of polish, and priming a clean pad with some products
  • Clean your pad after each section by blowing it out with a compressor or brushing with your Foam Pad Brush before applying a couple more drops of polish for the next section.
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