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Collinite No.100 Beadcoat Spray Sealant

Collinite No.100 Beadcoat Spray Sealant

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Collinite No.100 Beadcoat Ceramic + Graphene Spray Sealant 

Collinites No.100 Beadcoat Ceramic + Graphene Spray Sealant promises great water beads, gloss, and durable protection in a fast, easy to use product. This high gloss, super slick finish is easily applied to a variety of automotive exterior surfaces. Featuring an Sio2+graphene resin structure, this all new formula from Collinite provides 6+ months of protection to paint, ppf, trim, and more. Boasting both high UV resistance, and detergent resistance, BEADCOAT is simple to apply and provides a shine that lasts! Beadcoat can also be used to enhance & preserve an existing ceramic coating or paint protection film when utilized as a topper or for maintenance. Safe for paint, glass, wheels & trim.


  • Easy wipe on / wipe off high gloss shine.
  • Hydrophobic beading effect.
  • Use as stand alone sealant or applied over your favorite ceramic coatings.
  • UV and detergent resistant.
  • 6+ months paint protection.
  • Average spread/coverage: 600-1,000 sq ft.
  • Pleasantly scented.
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