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Collinite S-845 Insulator Speed Wax

Collinite S-845 Insulator Speed Wax

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Collinite S-845 Insulator Speed Wax

High Gloss Spray Sealant

Built from the same tech as the legendary Collinite Insulator Wax #845, this fast and easy to apply spray wax combines high gloss, intense slickness, and durable hydrophobics in a fast and easy spray on, easy wipe off application. Insulator Speed Wax combines high gloss carnauba shine with the durability of Collinite's proprietary polymer technology.  S-845 Speed Wax is designed to maintain and enhance an existing coat of any Collinite sealant wax (No. 845No.476No. 915) or as an easy to use spray wax that lasts a couple months on its own! While it does not replace the durability found in Collinite's other waxes, it is extremely easy to use for applicators of all levels and provides great protection for a couple months! It can also be used as often as desired to boost beading and provide a slick showroom gloss.


  • Provides high gloss shine.
  • Provides durable hydrophobic weather protection.
  • Can be layered over other waxes & sealants.
  • Can be used as stand alone protection.
  • For automotive and marine use.
  • Carnauba + Polymer based.
  • Durability: 2 months.
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