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Decos SiliCast Bes

Decos SiliCast Bes

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SILACAST BES is a non-hazardous polymer emulsion designed to enhance and create a wet look to porous concrete surfaces such as concrete pavers, roof tiles, barrel tiles and natural stones. Unlike topical acrylic sealers SILACAST BES penetrates deep into the substrate enhancing the natural colors of the material. Topical sealers produce a film that reflects sunlight from the surface only appearing to enhance. Topical acrylic sealers are susceptible to UV Rays and can turn yellow and peel away from the surface. Topical sealers also require harsh chemicals to remove after a year or so before applying a new coat. SILACAST BES does not require stripping.


Coating Performance: EARLY WATER RESISTANCE/ WATER SATURATED CLOTH ON RED PAVER TIME INITIAL RESULT 2 hour No Whitening No Effect 4 hour No Whitening No Effect ADHESION TO DRY UNETCHED CONCRETE/ 7 DAY AMBIENT CURE TIME Pull off strength, PSI 428 PSI Failure Mode 100% Concrete Failure CHEMICAL RESISTANCE ON CEMENTITIOUS BACKER BOARD 24 HR SPOT TEST/ 48 HOUR RECOVERY Gasoline No Effect Engine Oil Slightly Darkened Transmission Fluid Slightly Darkened Sodium Hydroxide No Effect Ethanol No Effect Brake Fluid No Effect Antifreeze Very Slightly Darkened Bleach No Effect Salt Water/ 5% Solution No Effect

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