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Decos Travacast

Decos Travacast

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Enhance / Renew

TRAVACAST is a single component acrylic sealer designed to protect and enhance non-porous materials like Travertine, Spanish Tile or Natural Stones. TRAVACAST has excellent chemical resistance and durability to water blushing. TRAVACAST has superior adhesion to non-porous concretes and tiles and comes UV protected.


  • Extra protection against most stains
  • Provides surface protection from possible damage
  • Looks more vibrant
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Helps reduce the chance of discoloration
  • Beautiful shine
  • Dries quick
  • Outlasts most other industrial coatings
  • Non- hazardous • Non- toxic • Non- flammable

Apply TRAVACAST with a garden sprayer, pneumatic canister or spot sprayer in a light uniform pattern. TRAVACAST has self-levelers incorporated in the formula but sometimes back rolling the material while still wet provides extra benefits.

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