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Evolve R4 Backing Plate for Rotary - 5"

Evolve R4 Backing Plate for Rotary - 5"

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Evolve R4 Backing Plate for Rotary - 5" 

Evolve R4 Backing Plates utilize a flexible foam interface that conforms and adapts to curved surfaces with ease delivering consistent results time after time.  Evolve-Hyper Flex Blacking Plates are very durable and designed with professionals in mind utilizing a dense shell with incased light-weight aluminum 5/8" thread. 

When polishing with a machine it's always wise to leave a margin between edge of pad and edge of backing plate.  When polishing near curves, up to an edge, or near perpendicular surface you must NEVER allow a spinning backing plate to come in contact with the surface.  Thats why we always recommend using a pad slightly larger than the backing plate.  
This 4 7/8" diameter backing plate is designed for use with 5 1/2" buffing pads but depending on your level of experience and the time of polishing being accomplished can be used with 5" up to 6" diameter pads.
  • Durable ultra dense shell
  • Flex Foam interface contorts to curved and flat surfaces alike
  • Lightweight Aluminum thread interface
  • Fits any polisher with a 5/8" thread
  • Designed for 5"-6" Pads
  • Fits Flex, Makita, Metabo, Dewalt, Hitachi, and all others with 5/8" thread


  • Diameter: 4 7/8"
  • Plate Thickness: 1"
  • Thread: Female 5/8"
  • Color: White
  • Velcro Color: Black
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