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Headlight Restoration Kit (60+ lens)

Headlight Restoration Kit (60+ lens)

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Restore 60 + lights . Replacement solution available for $60 1000ml


              Included in Kit                                                                                           
1. Steam Pot

4. Wet Sanding Paper Half Sheet                                       

1. Sample Roll Of Tape                                    

1. (1000ml) Solution (Up to 64 lights)


(Warning : DO Not Inhale Solution)


               Step 1 : Open up Steam Pot and and Screw on                                 
               extraction funnel . Be Advised !!! Steam pot                                     
               has some fluid in it sealed.                                                                    
               Step 2 : Start sanding out your headlights. We provide                  
               sanding disk you may use with your polisher.                                   
               (800,1000,1200,1500,2000 Grit) Prep Work is critial                       
               to achieve the best finish of headlight restoration.                          
               Be sure to wipe down lens with diluted rubbing alcohol  
               in between grit change.
               Step 3 : Make sure headlights are fully dry .               
               Plug in your steam pot and turn the switch to on                 
               position. DO NOT INHALE SOLUTION !!!  You will start to see             
               a small amount of fume when ready to apply.                             
               Make sure to wear eye protection provided and mask.           
               We recommend using a filtered mask if using in an         
               enclosed area.                                  
This process can last you  1-2 yrs on factory headlights 
This will replace having to polish the headlights back from a haze. 
Do Not apply excessively . More than 2 passes is not needed. Make sure to not tilt pot with solution more than 75 degree angle. If pot is left on with no solution, will be very hot to touch. Wear Gloves and mask while applying or pouring more solution. 
                          We make no warranty , expressed or implied                                                            nor accept any responsibility for any direct or                                 
                        consequential damages beyond purchase price.       
                          We as the seller cannot control user handling 
                                         and use, or affect of use.                               
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