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5 Gal LEMON MASK (Lemon Bleach Mask Additive for Thicker Foam)

5 Gal LEMON MASK (Lemon Bleach Mask Additive for Thicker Foam)

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Lemon Mask is a non-hazardous bleach friendly additive with a pronounced fresh lemon scent designed to mask bleach odors. Thick lemony foam generated with your bleach cleaning solutions will enhance the cleaning process saving time and expense. Thicker foam will aid in extending the contact time of your sodium
hypochlorite “bleach” to cling on to roofs, walls, etc. Lemon Mask contains an extra penetrating surfactant to accelerate a more effective advanced bleach cleaning along with a pleasant lemon scent that pleases
both the applier as well as the home owner. Can be used with most house and roof cleaning solutions, with or without bleach.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For downstream injecting a very economical 1 oz. or less per gallon to start is all that it takes. This is a liquid — just mix into the bleach or bleach solution. We recommend adding 1 quart (32 oz.) per 55 gallons of bleach or bleach cleaning solution. Lemon Mask will produce thick foam while leaving a fresh lemon scent. When using 2 quarts of Lemon Mask per 55 gallon of bleach solution creates optimum foam that will cling to roofs and vertical surfaces.

NOTE: It is important to follow label directions. If mixed too strong it may become difficult to rinse from surfaces.
Mixing stronger than recommended can be detrimental to product performance.

Color: Yellow
Appearance: Clear Liquid
pH: 9-11
Odor: Lemon

This product is not regulated.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not handle
until all safety precautions have been read and
understood. Use eye, face, and rubber glove
protection when handling these contents. Do not
store at temperatures above 120ºF. Do not allow to
freeze. For industrial use only.

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