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MaxShine Dressing & Protectant Applicator Maxshine

MaxShine Dressing & Protectant Applicator Maxshine

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MaxShine Dressing & Protectant Applicator


Perfect for tires, exterior trim, interior conditioning
Block shape allows precise application on all surfaces
Textured plastic grip eliminates messy, greasy hands
The protective sleeve offers cleaner storage


Get even coverage with MaxShine’s Dressing & Protectant Applicator. Featuring soft, dense foam and a block-shape design, this applicator gets you ideal coating for tire shine, interior and exterior dressings, and other protectants. Keep your hands mess-free with the protective, textured grip which has been ergonomically designed for optimum comfort. The best part is the protective sleeve, which allows for clean and grease-free storage.


1 . Apply the product onto the foam block or directly onto the surface
2 . Use the applicator to evenly spread the product or work it into the surface
3 . Additional product can be applied onto the pad or surface as required
4 . Do not cross contaminate; for best results, have a single applicator for each specific product. 

Hand wash with warm soapy water and rinse well. Allow to air dry naturally.

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