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Rotary Extension Rod Kit - 2 pc

Rotary Extension Rod Kit - 2 pc

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Rotary Extension Rod Kit - 2 pc (3" & 6")


Lake Country Manufacturing presents their newest addition to their rotary adapters and accessories, the Rotary Extension Rod Kit!  Precision milled from high grade stainless steel the Lake Country Rotary Extensions have been researched and developed to perform without runout, wobble, skipping, or hopping providing you the confidence you need for quality work! 

This Extension set will give you the ability to reach tight areas where a Rotary polisher wouldn't fit. Now you have access to areas such as in-between the side mirror and a-pillar/ glass window on a vehicle. You are also able to polish in and around scoops and aerodynamics on curvy or exotic cars.Great option to have for Marine applications when you need to polish small areas on a boat (around engine/prop) or polish corners of stairs.

The kit comes with (1) 3" extension rod & (1) 6" extension rod that can also be combined to create one long 9" extension!


  • High Grade Stainless Steel 
  • Easily accessible areas without multiple expensive tools. 
  • Perfectly machined, notched for tightening, and also removal
  • 3" and 6" sizes- can be combined to make one 9" long extension


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Length: 3" & 6"
  • Male Thread: 5/8"-11
  • Female Thread: 5/8"-11
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