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RUPES 5" Backing Plate

RUPES 5" Backing Plate

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RUPES 5" Backing Plate

For RUPES LHR15E & LHR12E Duetto

The RUPES backing plates are essential to the stability of the BigFoot System.  Manufactured from expanded polyurethane, it is extremely resistant to mechanical stress and together with the BigFoot foam polishing pads vibration is reduced to a minimum.  The perforations in the RUPES backing plate are designed to create air flow which helps to dissipate any heat generated by the polishing action. The velcro material used on all RUPES Backing Plates are designed to match that of the RUPES polishing pads.

  • Engineered for maximum reduction of mechanical stress and vibration
  • Vented perforations for release of heat


  • Hook & Loop Diameter: 125mm (4 7/8")
  • Thread: M8
  • Made in: Italy
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