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Rupes Mille Fine Compound - 250ml

Rupes Mille Fine Compound - 250ml

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Rupes Mille Fine Compound - 250ml

Formulated specifically for the unique movement of the  LK900E Mille Gear Driven polisher and gear-driven polishers, RUPES Mille Fine Polishing Compound removes moderate to fine defects or as a secondary step to a more aggressive compound to further refine the finish and bring out gloss.

Use Mille Fine Polishing Compound as a stand-alone solution for moderate or fine defect removal in one step, or as a follow-up step to a more aggressive cutting compound. Safe for all paint systems.


  • Fine cut
  • Low Dusting
  • Easy wipeoff


  • Made in: Italy
  • Removes: p3000
  • Size: 8 oz (250ml)

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