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RUPES Yellow Medium Wool Pad - 6"

RUPES Yellow Medium Wool Pad - 6"

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RUPES Yellow Medium Wool Pad - 6.75"

Medium Wool Pad (For use with 6" Diameter Backing Plate)

The RUPES BigFoot Yellow Medium Wool Pads are made of plush natural wool fibers, making polishing effortless when used with BigFoot Random Orbital, Gear-Driven “Mille”, and Triple-Action Polishers. The natural fibers lightly polish away fine defects while creating a high-gloss finish. Unlike traditional wool pads which are known for their tendency to leave behind a hazy finish, the highly refined wool material used in these pads can leave the paint's surface ready for any choice of protection you wish to use after removing moderate defects in just one step.




Pair with RUPES BigFoot Mille Yellow Fine Polish when using these pads on the LK900E Gear-Driven “Mille” Orbital Polisher with 6" backing plate or other forced-action movement tools.

Pair with RUPES BigFoot Yellow Medium Wool Polishing Pad with Rupes Keramik Polishing Compound on Dual-Action Random Orbital and Triple Action BigFoot Polishers. (LHR 21 Mark II, LHR 21 ES)

Ideal for all paint finishes.





Material: Wool over foam interface

Hook & Loop Diameter: 6"

Polishing Face Diameter: 6.75"

Thickness: 1"

Color: Yellow and White

Made in: Italy

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