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Solution Finish Black Trim Restorer - 1 oz.

Solution Finish Black Trim Restorer - 1 oz.

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  1. nish will stain clothing and skin.
  2. Make sure area to be treated is clean and dry.
  3. Shake bottle well and apply a small amount to applicator pad or microfiber sponge.
  4. Spread a thin coat over area in an even motion, covering area completely.
  5. Allow Solution Finish to penetrate for at least 1-2 minutes.
  6. Use a clean microfiber towel to buff off excess.
  7. For best results do not wash treated area for at least 4 hours.
Tips and Precautions:
  • Will stain skin or clothes - wear gloves during application
  • For best results apply at 40 degrees F or above.
  • Use adequate ventilation.
  • Do not use on painted or glass surfaces; wipe off immediately with a clean applicator pad, terry cloth or Microfiber towel if solution gets on these areas. Use a paint safe cleaner if allowed to dry or as needed.
  • Applicator pads can be reused if stored in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Store Solution Finish in a cool dry place away from heat or flame. 
  • Keep bottles tightly closed when not in use.

Recommended Surfaces:

  • Bumpers,pads and trim
  • Mirrors
  • Mud flaps
  • Window trim 
  • Seals
  • Running boards
  • Truck bed caps and covers
  • Handles and wiper blades
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