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Veloci Pff22 Bracket

Veloci Pff22 Bracket

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Got the bucket? Got the PF22 foam cannon and a spray gun – but don’t want to set the foam cannon on the ground? Use this handy bucket hanger when you’re not washing and turn your bucket into a caddie! Or, mount the bracket to the wall and use it for storage. But wait, there’s more! The Ventuno Bracket can hold more than a foam cannon, it can hold spray guns, lances, or any Veloci accessory you can think of – or even maybe your favorite ballcap. The coolest feature of the Ventuno is that this bracket is made up of two interlocking 12-gauge Italian stainless-steel pieces, allowing you to use it as a bucket hanger even when mounted to the wall. Simply lift the forked piece up and off the mounted piece and place on the corner of a bucket – and vice versa – It’s that easy! For temporary storage or while your hands are full, the PF22 foam cannon can hang securely on the bracket alone, or as a foam cannon and spray gun duo.

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